Pros explain is betting on beach volleyball worth the time?

Pros explain is betting on beach volleyball worth the time?

Beach volleyball is an Olympic sport. This fact confirms how popular this sport discipline is among the fans. At first, beach volleyball was actively developed at various resorts in North and South America. But soon, a fascinating pastime transformed into a full-fledged sport. Nowadays many beach volleyball tournaments are held. The biggest are the World Championships and the Olympics.

Bets on beach volleyball. Is it worth the time?

Teams in beach volleyball consist of two people. The match ends after 2 winning sets by one of the teams. The winner of a set is the team that scores 21 points first. The field for beach volleyball is sandy, which requires a good physical preparation from athletes.

Why choose beach volleyball betting?

Many bookmakers pay quite a lot of attention to beach volleyball. The main bets in this sport are bets on the victory in the match and in individual sets, on the total points and sets, as well as on the handicaps on points.

In the more advanced spreads, the clients of a betting broker can bet on the exact score in sets. In this case, there are 4 options for such bets.

Analyzing the teams in beach volleyball needs to be comprehensive. Not only the athletic form of the players, but also their psychological state and motivation should be taken into account. In beach volleyball there are no substitutions. Therefore, everything depends on the two players. If one is not in a very good condition, it is difficult to count on success in such a case. It is a big handicap for the opponent.

Most tournaments are organized in a round robin system. Teams have their own ranking, which is used to make a grid. But sometimes a pair that is ranked well below its opponent has a positive balance of head-to-head encounters with that opponent. Such paradoxes happen in beach volleyball as well. It is connected with the peculiarities of the athletes’ game. There are clubs that are uncomfortable to play with even the currently best couples. This factor should definitely be taken into account when betting with the betting shops.

When choosing a bet, it is necessarily necessary to find out if the players have not had any injuries recently. After injuries, athletes do not immediately regain their best form, and may not show their best game. It is not advisable to bet on such teams with the previous standards in such cases. It is better to wait a few weeks.

Since the games are played outdoors, the weather factor plays an important role. It should be understood that, despite the fact that conditions are the same for everyone, in good weather the more skillful teams have an advantage over the underdogs. In windy and not so favorable weather the difference in the class of the teams is not so evident.


When betting on the course of matches it is important to observe carefully the behavior of players after successful and unsuccessful draws. If nervousness is noticeable in the players of one of the teams and frequent mistakes follow, you can bet against them. As a rule, few people are able to regain their confidence in such games.

It is also very important to determine the motivation of athletes. If after losing points they do not change anything in their game and do not show anxiety, then also bet against such players.
It is best to bet in play, as the readiness of players for different matches can vary significantly

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