Secrets of sports betting, what everyone needs to know?

Secrets of sports betting, what everyone needs to know?

The following betting secrets are true for all sports:

  • You should restrain your emotions and excitement. Most beginning bettors make the mistake of losing and trying to win back their money as quickly as possible. The result is a thoughtless choice of events, higher bets and, as a result, an even bigger loss.
  • In sports you can never be 100% sure of the outcome. Sensations happen regularly, outsiders beat favorites. It follows that one should not bet all or most of one’s bank on so called “sure things”.
  • Low odds are not a guarantee of winning a bet. Often the odds are artificially lowed by bookmakers, in order to even out the distribution of money and their income. The risks are too high compared to the prospect of winning a small amount. Therefore, events with too small odds should be avoided.
  • In-depth analysis. Only bet on sports and championships that you know very well. You should not trust the expert opinion, giving 100% for the victory of a particular team in an unknown for you competition.
  • Bets on the merchandise games. Do not bet on the mid-season and friendly matches. Their outcome is almost impossible to predict, because the teams are not motivated and can not play at their full strength.
  • An important role in the success of the player plays a bookmaker’s office. Try to choose a bookmaker on the basis of the reviews left by other experienced players. They can tell you which bookmaker’s office is better and which one you should not go near at a distance of a cannon shot.

Choosing a reliable bookmaker will help the player avoid:

  • blocking the account;
  • cutting the maximums;
  • calculation of bets with odds “1”.
  • Secrets of soccer betting

Soccer is the most popular sport, both among fans and bettors. Not surprisingly, it is in this sport the largest line and a huge number of markets. Therefore, the bettor has a good choice, both in terms of championships and in terms of choice of bets. But do not forget that the more professional punters in soccer betting, the more professional analysts bookmakers target this sport. That’s why most professional players try to bet on smolmarkets.

Almost every bettor has a soccer club that he sympathizes with. One of the most important secrets of betting on soccer – avoid betting on favorite teams, as you will not be able to assess their capabilities without prejudice. Before making a bet on a well-researched championship, you should carefully analyze the teams’ lineup, their motivation, study the statistics, watch the previous meetings of the clubs, etc.

You need to take into account whether there have been changes in the coaching staff and players, whether any of the main players have been injured. It is necessary to avoid dubious bets such as even / odd, which team will play the ball, what happens first – a corner or touch, the number of corners, etc. Choose markets that are really analyzable and not based on luck.

Tennis betting secrets

Many bettors prefer tennis for betting due to the fact that in this sport only two outcomes are possible – a win for one or the other player. Tennis events are also played all year long, which gives you the chance to bet without interruption. This sport is perfectly analyzable, because the result of the meeting depends only on one (maximum two) athletes. Tennis players usually show a stable level of play.

One of the secrets of tennis betting is to determine the convenience of the surface for a particular tennis player. Some prefer grass, others prefer the hard, others prefer the ground. Athletes can show completely different results on these surfaces. When analyzing an event, a tennis player’s overall ranking should be taken into account. This data allows a realistic assessment of the player’s chances. Of course, a 19th-ranked tennis player will not always beat a 20th-ranked player, but the difference between the top 20 and the top 50 is pretty significant.

  • IMPORTANT: avoid those tennis players, who have either been previously noticed in match-fixing, or those whose results are often questioned and investigated by a special commission. Even in the ATP Top 100 there are several tennis players, on whom it is more expensive to bet, because simply by wave of a hand they can “lose” a match to an obvious underdog, although nothing accompanied it.

In tennis the statistics of personal meetings of athletes is very important. Some tennis players who are far apart in the rankings may have roughly equal results. This is due to the fact that there are uncomfortable opponents. Therefore, analyze the statistics of head-to-head encounters before placing a bet.

Secrets of hockey betting

Hockey ranks fourth among the most popular sports. To successfully bet on this sporting event, learn the following hockey betting secrets:

  • Analyze the underdog team. As a rule, the game of weak teams rests on one or two key hockey players. If they are injured or disqualified, you should expect a failed result. Not a bad chance to earn from betting on the Total More Goal;
  • You should also study the composition of the favorite. If for him this game is not so important, then the second squad can go on the ice. In such matches, the outsider has a good chance of winning;
  • When betting on the total, it should be taken into account that in the NHL, teams play from the offense, so they score more and more often. In the KHL, playing mostly from the defense, the teams are not as good performance. Naturally, within these leagues there are teams that do not fall under the general statistics. This also has to be taken into account;
  • The coaching staff has a big influence on the cohesiveness of a team’s game. Therefore, if you replace the coach, you should expect a decrease in the effectiveness of the game at first.

Basketball betting secrets

Basketball is one of the most “scoring” sports. The number of points scored by each team often exceeds a hundred. Because of this, the specifics of basketball betting are related. For example, the handicap on the underdog team can be 25.5 points. Total total can exceed 200. The most popular among bettors is the NBA. In this association, all teams play at about the same level, and the club that finished last season in last place may well be the first this year.

The secrets of basketball betting are not much different from other sports. There are a number of features that will help you make more effective bets. For example, basketball (especially the NBA) often uses a catch-up strategy to win by quarters. According to statistics in the national basketball association when any team meets, at least in one of the quarters, one team is highly likely to win. Therefore, starting with the first quarter, you can bet on the same team to win. If you lose, the bet is doubled.
Carefully analyzing the NBA basketball team, the results of last season, changes in the roster and the motivation of the players, you can bet on its making the playoffs, or even winning the championship. Bookmakers offer fairly large odds on these events.

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