All the secrets of BlackJack to become an online expert!

All the secrets of BlackJack to become an online expert!

BlackJack, one of the most popular online gambling games that really makes the choice. In fact, most people who like to play online casino games enjoy BlackJack and even become true experts. So why not you? Become the king of BlackJack by mastering the rules of the game.

Black Jack: the card game in online casinos

Like Baccarat, BlackJack is a card game that is attracting more and more players to casinos. Whether in online or land-based casinos, BlackJack is the favorite game for card gaming enthusiasts.

Unlike Baccarat, BlackJack has its own origins. In fact, it was the Parisian casinos that were introduced to the game at the end of the 18th century. BlackJack is a mixture of Baccarat and French farm. Played on the table and with a face value for each card, there is a strong resemblance between the two card games: Baccarat and BlackJack.

Thus, after the practice of BlackJack in France, casinos in the United States and Europe have also started playing it. The gambling market began to develop and that is when the possibility of playing online appeared. Indeed, with even more advantages, players began to use the Internet to play BlackJack online, as can be seen on this site!

How to play BlackJack well?

Just like other card games, there are rules to follow. Indeed, we have already said it but it should be remembered that there is a great similarity between Baccarat and BlackJack, especially in the rules of the game.

Thus, being a table game there are two players on two sides, the dealer and the player (you). The player will then bet on his chances to beat the dealer. Indeed, the maximum number of points to be reached is 21 points and this number must not be exceeded.

As mentioned, each card has a face value. Indeed, the cards numbered from 2 to 10 will have their own values so 2=2 and 10=10. Cards representing figures, i.e. Jacks, Kings and Queens will have 10 points and Ace is worth 1 or 11 points depending on the player’s preference.

Thus the game will proceed as follows:

  • The dealer deals 2 visible cards to the players and deals himself one visible card.
  • The first thing to check is whether a player has BlackJack, i.e. he has 21 points. If he does, he will win 1.5 times on the first bet. However, keep in mind that the player will not have BlackJack if the dealer also has BlackJack.
  • In the event that there is no BlackJack, the game can continue starting with the player to the left of the dealer. The player can choose between “hit”, which means adding more and more cards without going over 21 points, or “stand”, which means staying on his points, or “double”, if the player wishes to double the bet, he will receive only one additional card in the case of a double bet.
  • When it’s the dealer’s turn, well, each casino has its own rule. European, American, each casino has its own rule.

So you know all about the rules of BlackJack. So, there are no secrets for you when it comes to this card game. Go for it!

Gianluca Burke

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