Baccarat: Rules, Strategies and Where to Play

Baccarat: Rules, Strategies and Where to Play


We’ll look at the rules for mini-baccarat, since it’s the most common in both land-based and online casinos.

1. You make a bet of 3 possible choices. The choice is between Player, Bank or Tie;

2. After betting, 2 cards are dealt;

3. If both the Dealer and the Player have 9, then the Dealer wins. If no one has 8 or 9 points, it is possible to get a 3rd card.

4. Here we start again with the counting of points. The winner is the one with a number closer to 9. This is either the player or dealer, or there will be a tie;


Strategy “1-3-2-6”

These numbers mean how many times you need to raise your bet in case you win. In fact, it is 1x, 3x, 2x, 6x, where ‘x’ is a constant number, your minimum bet. If you lose, you have to go back to the first step (1x bet).

For example, your bet denomination is $10.

  • First step: You bet $10 the first time, if you win you win $20, if you lose you start again at $10,
  • Second step: You bet $30 ($10 face value + $10 winnings on the first step + $10 to bet), if you win you have $60. If you lose, you start all over again.
  • Third step: Your bet is $20 (with $40 from the previous level you keep). If you win, you have $40 + $40 = $80. If you lose, you are left with $40.
  • Step Four: Bet $60. If you win, you have $120 net profit. If you lose, you will remain in the black or in the black.

The basic rules of baccarat bankroll

1. Determining winning and losing limits

This limit is best set, both for 1 game, and in the long term, such as a month. This should be a specific amount. For example, it is planned to win $200 per month, you can lose $100 per month and out of that $20 per game. Once you reach the limits (whether you win or lose, you should stop playing.

The only exception may be a larger win than planned. In this case the game can be continued, but only for the difference: the winning minus the planned income minus the spent money.

2. Not more than 10%

Never spend more than 10% of your monthly income on the game.

3. Your bankroll should on average be 5 times your expected winnings.

For example, you want to win $50, so you need a $250 bankroll. Once you’ve won $50 the game is worth ending.

4. What to do at the end of the month?

With long-term bankroll planning and a winning result during the month, you should keep 50% of your net profit for playing and planning for the next period.

5. Look for baccarat tables with the fewest number of decks.

This way the casino’s advantage will be lower. The best option for a player is just one deck. It makes it easier to keep a tally of the cards that are eliminated.

6. Short gambling sessions

Baccarat over a long distance shows negative results and always wins the casino – so no need to make long sessions and better rely more on short-term winnings. Your bankroll should suggest a minimum of about 20-25 bets. The amount of bets should always be adjusted for the available bankroll and, if you are using a system game, you must remember that in 5-6 moves progression can not be made.

7. Fibonacci, Passwords and Martingale

When playing baccarat, it is best to apply the Fibonacci, Paroli and Martingale systems of play – here everything depends on the player’s personal preferences.

8. Bet on the banker

In this case, the advantage of the casino when playing with 1 deck will be only about 1.01%.

9. No Ties

Betting on a draw makes no sense – in this case, the casino advantage goes up to 15%.

10. Commission

Do not forget about the commission on the bet and look for the lowest. So the commission on banker bets suggests an average of 5% in favor of the casino.

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